Welcome to Eroslavia

Hi! How are you doing? Welcome to Eroslavia!

Now, before you continue, there are a few things you should know about Eroslavia. First of all, it’s an amazing place like none other in the world. It’s one of the very last truly independent kingdoms. It’s not a country that’s bound by any international conventions and as such, the king can make the best decision for the country, without intervention from anyone else.

A couple of years ago, the king made one such decision after seeing statistics showing that lowering sexual frustrations will also lower hospital expenses for the country, as well as increase the effectiveness of the work force. Something had to be done – and without specifying further, the king made it the duty of every Eroslavian citizen to work towards lowering sexual frustration in the country – this law was immediately included in the constitution of Eroslavia, as any law given by the king is. In addition, specific laws were later made by the administration at the palace.

From within Eroslavia, a single blogger has been authorized to report on the developments in the country. Find the latest posts in the menu to the right. Eroslavia is a monthly newsletter – but not necessarily every month.